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Out of school hours care

The Nundle Public School P&C Association Out Of School Hours Care (OOSHC) Facility has been operational since September 2013. The OOSH service provides Parents and Carers the flexibility of having their child cared for by qualified staff after school hours and during school holidays at Nundle Public School. This service is for school students from Nundle, Woolomin and Dungowan.

OOSHC operates during school term:

Monday, Thursday and Friday between 3pm to 6:00pm

OOSHC Vacation Care operating hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday between 9am to 3pm

Bookings are essential and must be made to OOSHC Supervisor Susan Rieger on 0438936457 in advance prior to sending your child to the facility.

An Enrolment form must be completed prior to your child's attendance. The enrolment form can be picked up from the school office or downloaded from the Nundle Public School Website in PDF file format.

Other documentations such as Asthma Action Plan, Allergic Reaction Action Plan and Anaphylaxis Action Plan are also available on this website.

Other Information

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OOSH is regulated by the National Laws and Regulations and National Quality Standards. We are guided by our policies and procedures and follow the My Time, Our Place framework which is part of the National Quality Framework that the government introduced to regulate the provision of early childhood education and enhance children's learning.

Useful Links Include:

  1. National Law and Regulations
  2. Guide to National Quality Standards
  3. My Time, Our Place Framework
  4. Policies and Procedures (PDF 584 KB)