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Great Nundle dog race

The Great Nundle Dog Race is an annual event held on the first Sunday of May on the Nundle Recreation Ground. It is the major fundraiser of the Nundle Public School P&C Association and attracts families and dogs from the local region as well as visitors from other regions in Australia.


The very first dog race was held in 1979 on Oakenville Street after a bet was aged by a couple of farmers arguing over whose dog was fastest. As word of an impending race spread, other dogs were entered and the great race was born. Both farmers lost their bets but were members of the P&C and took the race further, turning it into the Great nundle Dog Race (GNDR) open to working dogs.

Race Day now involves over twenty races for all types of dogs and is one of Nundle's major tourist event.

Nundle Public School is a small school and is relatively isolated being 65km from Tamworth. The money raised at the Great Nundle Dog Race is used to subsidise excursions for students, purchase educational equipment and to provide quality prizes to students on their annual Presentation Night.

For further information on the Great Nundle Dog Race, please contact the School office.